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Selection and application of AOD refractory materials

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Selection and application of AOD refractory materials

The AOD furnace method is a more advanced method in refining stainless steel. Because its equipment is very simple, investment is small, the operation is very convenient, the adaptability is strong, and the production cost is very low, so it will be widely used. The AOD furnace is reduced by the basic method of dilute positioning. Because the hybrid gas of high -pressure oxygen and hydrogen is blowing into the furnace, bubbles and steel water and slag will be more frequent, which will cause sulfur, carbon and non-metallic miscellaneous materials to be quickly eliminated. During the smelting process, the nature and ingredients of the slag will change during the smelting process. The value of alkaline degree from the early to late changes is about 0.6 to about 4.2. Extract. Therefore, the AOD furnace uses high high temperature and strong resistance to resistance, abrasion resistance and washing refractory material.

1. Magnesium chromium series refractory material

The AOD furnace adopts the inner lining that combines MgO and Cr2O3, or the lining produced by MgO and Cr2O3, which is combined or semi -combined. Magnesium bricks are made by high-quality high-purity magnesium and refined chromium ore at high temperature. The micro -structure of the magnesium chromium brick is the main combination of a main star. The silicate at low melting points will be relatively isolated and exist. It has the advantages of good resistance to scum, and it is much better to use relatively directly combined with produced magnesium chromium bricks. The semi-combined magnesium chromium brick has the comprehensive performance of direct binding and combination of magnesium chromium bricks. The penetration of slag is the main reason for the deterioration and falling of the brick structure. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of magnesium chromium bricks, it should be during production. Consider several aspects:

(1) When making bricks, the granular level should be reasonable, and it should be made with high-pressure molding technology and ultra-high temperature.

(2) Strict control of the chemical ratio of magnesium chromium brick. It is reasonable to control the CR203 content with 18%-20%(mass score), because SiO2 can greatly affect the resistance of the material, its content should be controlled below <1%, and the CAO content is also at the same time also It should be strictly controlled.

2. Magnesium calcium series refractory material

Due to the diversification of the refractory raw materials of the magnesium calcium series refractory materials, the cheap price has been widely valued. But this material is easy to hydrate, which makes its application also limited. The AOD furnace is mainly used for electric melting magnesium and white cloud stone bricks and burning magnesium white cloud stone bricks as furnace lining materials. Electric melting magnesium and white cloud stones will form electric magnesium and white cloud stone sand through high pressure suppression, and then put them in low-temperature drying places. Burning into magnesium white cloud stone bricks is a good quality sintering magnesium white cloud stone sand. High pressure suppression, and then place it in an environment above 1600 °C. Because the electric magnesium white cloud stone sand has been fully melted, it is very stable, and the lattice is very complete, making it have strong water resistance and corrosion capacity.

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