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Frequently asked questions about Intermediate frequency furnace lining
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Frequently asked questions about Intermediate frequency furnace lining

The use state of the silica ramming mass has the most direct relationship with the furnace building. Let's talk about the problems often encountered during furnace building according to our furnace building sequence.

1. Preparations before building the furnace

(1) Repair of insulating paint on coil surface

Now the insulation treatment of the coil plays a vital role in the production safety and efficiency improvement of the entire electric furnace. If the insulation treatment is not good, the intuitive phenomenon is that the coil will have obvious ignition or arcing, which will cause serious and direct copper breakdown. Management, causing production safety accidents. Before each intermediate frequency furnace lining, the slurry layer on the surface of the coil is completely removed, the copper oxide skin on the surface of the coil is polished, and a clean copper surface is exposed, and then the insulating paint is sprayed.

(2) Repair of coil paste

In use, due to the long-term disassembly, installation and recycling of the furnace lining, the coil slurry will be damaged to varying degrees. This layer of coil slurry is the last barrier to protect the coil in addition to the ultra-high temperature insulating paint on the surface. If it is damaged, it will affect the production. The safety factor in. Before repairing, the first thing to do is to clean the dust on the damaged surface. Make sure that there is no quartz sand or other materials left by the secondary lining around the exposed coil.

(3) Installation of the alarm line

When installing the leaking furnace alarm line, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain distance (5--10 cm) between each alarm line. This is to reduce the heat collection of the alarm line. Before the construction of the furnace bottom, the fixed alarm line should also be pressed with an asbestos board or asbestos cloth with an area of about 30*30cm on the alarm line, because the fixed alarm line is often under the action of tension or during the process of adding materials. Different degrees of tilting ensure the standardization of the design thickness of the furnace bottom and the design capacity of the electric furnace. In addition, it can also ensure the stability of the alarm line during the construction of the furnace bottom.

2. The construction of the furnace mouth

Furnace nozzle material-do not overlap on the furnace lining material. Because the furnace lining has a certain degree of shrinkage and expansion when the furnace is cooled and the furnace is started, the overlap of the two materials will increase the gap between them and cause the phenomenon of iron sticking. .

3. Construction of the furnace bottom

During the initial charging of the furnace bottom construction, someone must perform the charging operation in the furnace, which is to better organize the preparation lining.

Smoother, so that the preparation lining will not affect the furnace lining to achieve better results. At the bottom of the furnace, you can add a little more for the first feeding (the first feeding can be at 10cm, and then control at 5-8cm each time), after the exhaust work is completed, the surface of the quartz sand must be shaved before the second .The secondary feeding can avoid the stratification caused by feeding at different levels. It is best to increase the feeding height of the furnace bottom to a height of 10cm higher than the alarm line, because the furnace bottom will still have a certain drop space when it is shaking.

4. Putting in the crucible mold

The design of the crucible In order to allow the water in the induction furnace lining material to be discharged better and faster, the surface of the crucible will be drilled every 25CM.

A 3-5mm fine hole. Clean the surface of the crucible mold before putting it in the furnace, and then seal the pores with tape.

The purpose is to make it free of rust or dust on the surface.

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