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Causes of perforation of ladle nozzle in use and solutions
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Causes of perforation of ladle nozzle in use and solutions

Sometimes when steel is poured, a local area of the down nozzle will be melted and formed, and the molten steel will pass through from here, which seriously affects the normal operation of continuous casting.

Possible reasons for perforation:

(1) The ladle slide plate is half-open for pouring steel for a long time. The molten steel flows seriously in the nozzle, and swirls are formed on the inner wall of the nozzle. Local erosion and erosion are serious, and it is easy to form pits. In severe cases, the molten steel will pass through this position; When forming, the local position is relatively loose, the strength is low, and it is easy to be eroded.

(2) After many times of use, the drain is subjected to severe temperature differences, resulting in thermal shock cracks in the nozzle, and air passages are easily formed at the intersection of the cracks. Due to the negative pressure inside the ladle nozzle, the cracks will absorb oxygen and be oxidized. The structure is loose and eroded by molten steel, forming holes and perforations.


The drain material with good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance should be selected. When hot repairing, pay attention to observe whether the inner wall of the drain is evenly eroded and whether there are pits, so as to prevent the occurrence of perforations.

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