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The advantages and disadvantages of several commonly slide gate plate of different materials
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The advantages and disadvantages of several commonly slide gate plate of different materials

1. High aluminumslide gate plate

Disadvantages: (1) Poor corrosion resistance, serious erosion of sliding surface and sprue. (2) Poor thermal shock stability and easy cracking during use.

2. Aluminum carbon slide gate plate

The aluminum-carbonslide gate plate has experienced non-burned aluminum-carbon and fired aluminum-carbon. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and thermal shock stability of the non-burning aluminum carbon sliding plate, synthetic mullite, andalusite and silicon carbide materials are added to the pellets, and corundum and silicon carbide are added to the matrix.

However, the ladle slide gate plate of this kind of material gradually has problems such as low thermal strength, severe wear of the sliding surface and poor crack resistance during use. The shortcomings of fired aluminum-carbon bricks are low thermal shock resistance and cannot be used continuously for many times, and the carbon is easily oxidized during use, and the corrosion resistance is low.

3. Aluminum zirconium carbonslide gate plate

The aluminum-zirconium-carbon slide is developed on the basis of firing aluminum-carbon slides. The slide plate of this material uses low expansion rate Al2O3-SiO2-ZrO2 raw materials, made of oblique zircon, mullite, corundum, etc. as the main crystal phase, a refractory material characterized by carbon bonding, aluminum-carbon slide It has quite good performance and applicability, but the cracking and sliding surface wear in repeated use are the key to restricting the improvement of its life.

Carbon-bonded aluminum-carbon and aluminum-zirconium-carbon slides are currently commonly used slide materials in domestic and foreign steel mills, but these two slides have poor calcium corrosion resistance when casting calcium-treated steel, and are not suitable for calcium-treated steel, Al/ Casting of Si-killed steel and other steel grades.

4. Magnesia carbon and spinel carbonslide gate plate

Magnesium slide gate plates were first used in Europe. Because magnesium oxide has good resistance to mechanical stress and chemical corrosion, it meets the requirements of cast calcium-treated steel and high-oxygen steel to a certain extent. However, the magnesia slide plate has a large thermal expansion coefficient and is prone to thermal spalling during steel pouring. The thermal shock resistance needs to be improved.

Spinel carbon slide is a refractory material that uses magnesium-aluminum spinel as the main crystal phase and is characterized by the combination of ceramic and carbon. The thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of magnesium aluminum spinel material are both smaller than that of magnesium oxide, and its thermal shock resistance is stronger than that of magnesium oxide. However, the spinel material and the calcium in the steel undergo a slow chemical reaction, resulting in a low-melting substance that affects its service life.

5. Zirconiaslide gate plate

The zirconia sliding plate made by hot pressing has the characteristics of high high temperature strength, low apparent porosity, small pore diameter, etc., and has good resistance to molten steel corrosion when used on a tundish.

Zirconia material has good high temperature performance, but due to its cost and other reasons, the industry generally uses zirconia zirconia rings embedded around the casting holes of aluminum-carbon slides to make composite slides.

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