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The use of magnesia carbon bricks on the converter lining
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The use of magnesia carbon bricks on the converter lining

As the working conditions of each part of the converter lining are different, the use effect of magnesia carbon bricks is also different.

The furnace mouth part of the furnace lining is constantly impacted by cold and hot molten steel, so the refractory materials used in the furnace mouth must be resistant to the erosion of high temperature slag and high temperature exhaust gas, and it is not easy to hang steel and is easy to clean in time. The furnace cap is not only subject to severe slag corrosion, but also subject to rapid cold and hot temperature changes, as well as the combined effects of high-temperature airflow due to carbon oxidation and dust and high-temperature exhaust gas. Therefore, the use of slag-resistant and peel-resistant converter magnesia carbon brick. The loading side requires magnesia-carbon bricks to have high resistance to slag erosion, but also to have high high temperature strength and good peeling resistance. 

Therefore, high-strength magnesia carbon bricks with metal antioxidants are usually used. Research shows,The high temperature strength of the magnesia-carbon bricks with metal aluminum at lower temperature is lower than that of the samples with metal aluminum and metal silicon, but at high temperatures, its high temperature strength increases instead. 

The slag line is the junction of the three phases of lining refractories, high-temperature slag and furnace gas. It is the most severely corroded part. Therefore, it is necessary to build magnesia carbon bricks with excellent slag corrosion resistance. The slag line needs to have a higher carbon content.

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