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Common raw materials for the production of poppet clay
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Common raw materials for the production of poppet clay

1. Carbonaceous materials: coke foam, graphite, carbon black, carbon factory carbon leather (petroleum coke, graphite, a small amount of silicon carbide), white coal, carbon coal, high temperature pitch, medium temperature pitch, low temperature pitch (which can be directly melted in used in tar), carbon-containing resin powder, resin powder, etc.

2. Synthetic materials and special materials: silicon carbide, silicon nitride, ferrosilicon nitride, ferrosilicon (use with caution), sialon, sica sialon, calcium titanate aluminate, high titanium slag, titanium fine fraction, titanium dioxide , metal titanium, vanadic anhydride, vanadium silicon alloy, high vanadium slag, etc.

3. Renewable raw materials: waste taphole clay, various waste high alumina products, waste torpedo bricks, waste silicon molybdenum bricks, waste corundum bricks, waste skateboards, waste water outlets, waste silicon carbide products, waste electrodes, waste carbon bricks, waste magnesium carbon bricks, waste iron ditch materials, waste sialon bricks, waste metal silicon pipes, metal silicon waste products, etc.

4. Admixtures: wetting agent, dispersing agent.

5. Binder: tar, anthracene oil, washing oil, compound oil, titanium oil, special resin oil for taphole mud, etc.

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