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Four kinds of electric furnace tapping trough

Source: | Author:ChangXing Refractory | Published time: 459 days ago | 476 Views | Share:
Four kinds of electric furnace tapping trough

1. Brick masonry out of steel trough

High durability CFC-ZRN-15X zirconium brick is used in Japan. The brick uses pure zircon as the main raw material, supplemented by silicon nitride which is resistant to the erosion of molten steel, so that it has good corrosion resistance to the adhesion and erosion of molten steel and the erosion of slag. However, the price is relatively expensive. The brick is built in a 50t electric furnace and a 1.95m long tap hole. The service life of smelting ordinary steel reaches 300 heats, and it is used in a 100t electric furnace and a 2.8m long tap hole. The service life of smelting special steel is 200 heats.

In addition, CFC-ZRN-5X semi zircon brick is also used. The brick uses pure zircon as the main raw material, while some high silica raw materials are used to make it have the properties of semi zircon brick. The price is much lower than that of pure zircon and silicon nitride bricks. It is used for 40t electric furnace, 0.9m long tapping trough, and the service life of smelting ordinary steel can reach 300 heats.

2. Precast block tapping trough

The prefabricated block masonry is used to build the steel trough with the minimum brick joint, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the steel trough, and reduce the construction time. It can be mechanically hoisted and can be used after installation. In the 1980s, the prefabricated block with high alumina and low cement castable was widely used for tapping trough. The castable takes alumina as aggregate, silicon carbide and flake graphite as main raw materials, and adds special ultra-fine powder and dispersant. The 80t electric furnace uses low cement castables and aluminum carbon prefabricated blocks to build the steel trough, with a service life of 118 heats. The service life of the steel trough formed by the original resin combined with ramming is only 2040 times.

3. Integral tapping trough

The tapping trough is generally made of amorphous refractory materials, with good integrity, long service life and low cost. The materials used include tamping materials with phenolic resin as the bonding agent or vibrating castables with non cement system as the bonding agent, which can generally be prepared and constructed on site.

4. Comprehensive masonry steel trough

A kiln refractory brick company changed to use high pressure pressed Al2O3-C unburned bricks to build the main part of the tapping trough, and the end of the tapping trough still uses the original Al2O3-SiO2-C-SiC ramming structure.

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