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The greenization of refractories for the cement industry

Source: | Author:ChangXing Refractory | Published time: 1215 days ago | 704 Views | Share:
More details of refractories for the cement industry
Refractory is important, necessary and basic material for high temperature industry. It can’t be health development without the technological progress and innovation of refractory materials.

The state of ministry of industry and informatization. Ministry of Science and Technology and Environmental Protection Department clearly put forward that using the chrome free alkaline refractory to replace of chrome refractory.

America has stopped using the chrome refractory. Japan also has used other material instead of magnesia chrome bricks. In our country, magnesia alumina spinel, magnesium iron spinel and iron magnesium aluminum spinel brick have successfully used  in large new dry process cement rotary kiln sintering zone and transition zone . The service life of these bricks has reached or exceed the magnesium chrome bricks. The greenization of refractory has become an important development strategy for the sustainable development of the industry.

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