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Happy independent travel in Enjoy Animal Kingdom of Changxing

Source: | Author:ChangXing Refractory | Published time: 1020 days ago | 1067 Views | Share:
Happy independent travel in Enjoy Animal Kingdom of Changxing
The fallen flower go with spring, and the fragrance comes with summer. Green leaves leaping in the breeze, the naughty summer is here. At the beginning of summer, with the shining sun, it is really a good time for people to go out and have fun. On May 15th, employees took their families to the outing organized by the company, to feel the fresh of summer, enjoy the care of nature, also enhance cohesion and centripetal force of the company.
Enjoy Animal Kingdom

With the sun rising and willow branches unfurling, several cares full of company employees set off at 8am and arrived at the destination - Enjoy Animal Kingdom at 10am. The beautiful scenery along the way made everyone excited. The road on both sides of the willows and the scenery of early summer blowing in everyone's face.

At noon, all employees enjoyed delicious meals at Yuyuan Farm in Xinmi City, a farmhouse that integrates catering, entertainment and leisure. After a short rest, everyone went to Enjoy Animal Kingdom to start this wonderful journey.

changxing team photos
Enjoy Animal Kingdom covers an area of 570,000 square meters and consists of six themed areas: Fantasy Zoo, Wonder Land, Jade Sea, Dragon Valley and Jiabao Town. Among them, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the interactive sightseeing car animal viewing mode. Tourists take a broad-view amphibian sightseeing vehicle and VIP animal sightseeing vehicle to interact with rare wild animals at close range. They will travel through mountains, jungles and rivers to experience a shocking and immersive animal interactive experience.

In order to let employees relax after stressful work, the company carefully organized the "2-Day Tour of the Animal Kingdom" activity. The company and the participating employees made full preparations in the early stage, which made the 2-day activity full of happy laughters and cheerful voices, relaxed and decompression, also increased the emotional communication among colleagues.

This travel activity not only enriched the spare time of employees, appreciated all kinds of animals, but also made the big family of Changxing more harmonious, the cohesion of enterprise has a better enhancing. The full display of team spirit allows everyone to devote more enthusiasm to the future work and life.

changxing group photo