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Indian company has developed high thermal shock resistance castable for VAD ladle cover

Source: | Author:ChangXing Refractory | Published time: 1162 days ago | 1299 Views | Share:
High thermal shock resistance castable for VAD ladle cover
The alloy steel works of India Iron and Steel Authority Co., Ltd. (SAIL) has a 60t VAD refining ladle. VAD ladle cover is an important part of VAD ladle steelmaking. During operation, VAD ladle cover must withstand high thermal shock and corrosive environment. Therefore, VAD ladle cover refractory should have high volume stability and corrosion resistance.

In recent years, the service life of VAD ladle cover refractory lining made by SAIL Company of India is not ideal, and sometimes premature damage occurs, resulting in the refractory lining of ladle cover can not run continuously. In view of this situation, researchers from SAIL Company of India developed a chromium-containing high-alumina castable for VAD refining ladle cover for alloy steel by optimizing the optimum content of Cr2O3 and selecting suitable flocculants and dispersants. The newly developed castable has high thermal shock resistance, volume stability and erosion resistance, and the product performance indexes are shown in Table. The newly developed castable was prepared into prefabricated blocks and tested on VAD ladle cover. The results showed that the life of refractory lining of newly developed ladle cover was 167 heats, which was about 39% longer than that of existing VAD ladle cover refractory lining.

                                                    Performance index of newly developed castable
















110 ℃ 24 h


1 200 ℃ 3 h


1 450℃ 3 h


Linear change on reheating

1 500 ℃ 3 h/%





Three times


Thermal shock resistance



Usage temperature/