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Basic principles to be followed in construction of unshaped refractory castable

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Basic principles to be followed in construction of unshaped refractory castable
In the application process of amorphous refractories, there are many factors that affect their performance, such as material selection, construction, maintenance and so on. Among them, the importance of construction is very important. The following are the regulations to be followed in the construction of unshaped refractory materials:

1. If the package of unshaped refractory materials is damaged, the materials are obviously leaked, polluted or damp and deteriorated, the package materials should not be used.
2. The surface of steel structure and equipment in contact with amorphous refractory shall be cleaned of floating rust first.
3. In the construction shall not arbitrarily change the mixture ratio of amorphous refractory materials. Water or other materials should not be arbitrarily added into the mixed unshaped refractory material.
4. The surface of fire-resistant prefabricated components transported to the construction site shall be marked with: (1) the seal of the production unit; ② mark of quality inspection; ③ there are part numbers consistent with the construction drawing on three different faces; ④ Lifting point sign; ⑤ production date.
5. Pier put refractory prefabricated parts, the position and method of support, should comply with the stress of components, should not make the prefabricated parts produce overstress and damage. Before pouring and spraying construction, it should be wetted in advance. 
6. Metal tamping tools such as vibrators and hammers shall not directly act on anchoring. When necessary, it should be padded with wooden boards.
7. The allowable dimensional error of amorphous refractory lining can be determined with reference to the requirements for refractory lining.
8. Clean water shall be used for stirring refractory castables. The mixing water in coastal areas should be tested, and its chloride ion (C1-) concentration should not be greater than 300mg/L .
9. Pouring template should have enough stiffness and strength, shuttering size should be accurate, and prevent deformation in the process of construction. Template joint should be tight, do not leak slurry. Anti-sticking measures should be taken for templates. Waterproof measures shall be taken for the surface of insulation masonry in contact with castable.
10. The castable shall be mixed by forced mixer. The mixing time and the amount of liquid added shall be strictly implemented according to the construction instructions. When changing the grade of materials, the mixer, feeding hopper and weighing container shall be cleaned.
11. The stirred refractory castable shall be poured within 30min, or within the specified time according to the requirements of the construction instructions. Castable materials that have been initially set shall not be used.
12. Castable steel or metal embedded parts should be located in the heating surface. Expansion buffer layer shall be set for the contact part between steel bar or metal buried part and refractory castable according to design requirements. Note: The service temperature of ordinary steel bars should not exceed 350℃.

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