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Maintenance procedures for ladle sliding gate mechanism

Source: | Author:ChangXing Refractory | Published time: 144 days ago | 292 Views | Share:
Maintenance procedures for ladle sliding gate mechanism

(1)Installation of sliding gate plate mechanism

  1. The sliding gate mechanism mounting plate on the ladle floor must be flat and free from deformation, and the position of the foot bolts should be determined according to the position of the ladle pouring holes, the mounting dimensions of the sliding gatet mechanism and the requirements of the steelmaking process, so as to ensure the smooth mounting and use of the sliding gate mechanism.

  2. Weld four mounting bolts on the sliding gate mounting plate at the bottom of ladle according to the dimensions of the four foot mounting holes on the base.

  3. Connect the hydraulic cylinder bracket to the base according to the installation position of the sliding gate mechanism at the bottom of the ladle by bolts and install four tension spring bolts and two locating pins on the base.

  4. Attach the base to the ladle and tighten the fastening nut.

  5. Install the bracket to the base, put 12 springs into the spring chamber of the bracket, install 2 pressure plates and tighten them with the compression nut. The degree of compression to grasp the pressure plate just press the spring until, at this time, the base and the support should be close to catch no gap, otherwise, it should be re-installed.

  6. Install the sliding trolley into the bracket.

  7. Install the connecting rod into the hydraulic cylinder bracket and insert the safety pin.

(2)The ladle gate mechanism is inspected at the end of each working

  1. Check each part for touch damage, deformation, sticky steel, cracks, etc., such as parts with cracks, serious touch damage, deformation of more than 2mm, sticky steel can not be cleaned off must be replaced.

  2. Clear the steel slag on the guard plate.

  3. Check whether there is sticky steel on the track, if there is cleaned up.

  4. Check whether the track scratch is serious, such as scratch depth of more than 0.5mm or track thickness of more than 1mm wear (thickness from 16mm to 15mm) must be replaced with a new track.

  5. Check whether the track wheel rotation is flexible, and the wheel axle clearance is too large, such as clearance of more than 2mm, need to replace the track or wheel axle.

  6. Check whether the spring retaining ring is off.

  7. Check whether the base fastening nut is loose.

(3) Check the spring at the end of each package service, check each spring, if there is damage, free height deformation of more than 2mm (free height below 79mm) should be replaced.

(4) Regular inspection and replacement of parts.

(5) Description: The slide gate mechanism shall not be used at an ambient temperature exceeding 450℃.

Slide Gate Mechanism